Road Tax In UK: What Is Charged And What Are The Regulations?

07 May

There is a variance in tax policies implemented by different nations. This is because every state need finances to start a new project as well as run the day to day finances. One of the tax collection ways adopted by countries such as the UK is the road tax fines. As with the new system introduced on 1st April 2018, once you get to purchase a diesel car, you will be required to pay between 15 and 500 Euros for the first year.  This article highlights UK road tax basics.

For those owning diesel vehicles, they are expected to be charged a higher tax compared to those owning petrol vehicles.  A petrol-driven automobile emits fewer fumes as opposed to diesel engine, therefore, it would be unfair to impose similar taxes on both vehicles. For less emitting diesel vehicles, the drivers are required to pay an addition 20 Euros whereas, for cars that emit heavy fumes, the drivers will be required to pay an additional 500 Euros.  It is good to note that this tax is imposed in all the regions in UK.

There are various methods that you can use so as to get a notification on when the deadline for road fine approaches.  There is the introduction of DVLA which sends a notification to registered users to alarm them that the road tax renewal rate is fast approaching.  You can also get all the repayment dates by simply visiting their website. All is required is for you to insert your car registration details. Get more information at this website

The other thing that you should know is that there is no transfer of road fines between automobiles.  This implies that the extra road fine for the unused period will not be of help.  Upon purchase of a car that already had a car tax reminder payment, you will still be required to immediately apply a fresh.  The only solution toward getting the extra tax paid for the sold vehicle is if the owner applies for compensation.  All that cannot be avoided is that the car will be taxed twice on the month of sale.

If you fall on the side of road tax reminder evasion, once caught the consequences are likely to be severe.  Once you are caught and found guilty of road tax evasion, you will given a 80 Euros tax.  If you agree to obey the fine repayment order and make to pay within the first 28 days, you are at a position to receive a fine reduction. If you are a hardcore, the fine may reach up to 1000 Euros if you continue procrastinating the fail and let the matter reach to court.

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